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Entertaining backstage pass into the exciting world of aviation.


Winglet Magazine is far more than a publication that focuses on the aviation industry. It is an interactive, informative and entertaining platform for aviation enthusiasts, professional and aspiring aviators, passengers and pilots, aircraft owners, manufacturers and members of helicopter clubs. Winglet Magazine offers a different look into the complex world of aviation as well as a fascinating opportunity to see familiar things

in a new light, get to know prominent figures in the contemporary aviation industry, put questions to experts, discuss aviation topics and find friends who share similar aviation interests. Our new digital publication is available in Russian and English. While our full issues of Winglet Magazine will be available soon for iPad users, many stories and features appear on this site in the Magazine section.

Here are some impressive facts about aviation


on average, are performed daily at the world's largest model airport, Knuffingen.


and 10 inches is the farthest distance flown by a paper plane (Guinness World Records).


were carried in one Boeing 747, in 1991. The record is listed in Guinness World Records.


is the maximum capacity of the Airbus A380, the largest civil aircraft in history.

By and large, people in aviation
are a special breed; that makes the industry
so enjoyable to participate in

Brian Barents, Vice Chairman of Aerion

Why Winglet

There is a story behind every name.


ike any other industry, the world of aviation is filled with millions of outstanding features and breakthroughs that are often unnoticed. If you’ve ever sat by the window during a commercial flight, you’ve probably seen a winglet—a small vertical extension to the aircraft wing. This tiny device (compared to the overall aircraft size) can help increase the aircraft range and reduce fuel consumption up to 7% in certain aircraft types.

Learjet Longhorn 28 was the first production plane to have winglets. In February 1979, the aircraft set five world records for business jets, including climbing to a height of 51,131 feet (15,585 meters). As the technology evolved, new kinds of wingtips were developed, including wingtip fences, blended and raked winglets, and sharklets. A blended winglet sculpture was installed in front of the Museum of Flight, in Seattle, Washington, as if to emphasize the mastery of innovative thinking in aviation.


It is never too late
to foster curiosity


Curiosity and passion for aviation are what fuels our stories.


If the only way to get an aircraft part were to exchange it for ones you have, how many windshields would you need to exchange to “buy” a landing gear?


Discover innovative projects and ideas in aviation. Learn what industry experts think about each program. Ask questions, discuss topics and share opinions.


We are happy to be your personal pass into the complex world of aviation. Every issue of the magazine features an aviation story from behind-the-scenes.

A Day in the Life

How do airline crews work? Why do dispatch teams work on a shift basis? We spend a day with an industry professional to answer these and other questions.


The aviation industry as we know it would not exist without outstanding engineers and inventors, passionate dreamers and enthusiasts.


What drives the design choices in the passenger cabins? What innovations are offered today? A closer look into aircraft interior development.

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